A betting protocol that we build, that we control and where we get to decide on how much our data is worth
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Beautiful Kadena

Why Build Sportsbetting Apps on the Kadena blockchain?

SCalable, Secure &  DecentRAlized

Kadena is a blockchain which solves the "Blockchain Trilemma" providing scalable Proof of Work Layer 1 infrastructure that is not only extremely secure with respect to handling your bankroll but also maintains the most important aspect of web3 architecture,  decentralization. These features are delivered through their beautiful Smart-Contract language,  PACT

Turing Incompleteness
Pact is Turing Incomplete.  This is a fancy way of saying that Kadena does not allow unbounded general computation like Ethereum is designed to allow.   Kadena gains heavy duty efficiency because it focus on "just enough" computation in its contracts to secure matched transactions on the ledger which is perfect for sports betting.  This keeps transaction costs very low, which is critical for bettors who want to grow their bankroll.
Superior Upgradeability
We bettors know that markets are always changing and the leagues are adding and subtrating new rules every year.  Kadena uniquely allows for upgrading smart contracts to be upgraded without using proxy contracts like Ethereum.   This keeps the maintenence of betting smart contracts easy and low costs in nature
Ultimate composability
Kadena PACTs are written in LISP style AST code.  By "bringing the function" to the transaction data, smart contracts can remain compact, highly readable and most importantly, pass the savings of not developing in solidity directly on to the bettor. 
The most professional Layer 1 team in web3
The Kadena team is the most battle tested and experienced team in web3.   Putting faith in the hands of experienced computer scientists and the founder of the blockchain itself, Stuart Haber, ensures that the underlying substrate powering KDABet is in good hands.


Our native token, $KDAb stores the value of your betting data in the token itself.  The protocol accomplishes this by emitting a minable token base to those bettors whose data makes the odds more efficient.  Bettors battle it out in a competitive game to get "closing line value" which is the difference between the odds you bet and the final consensus of the market and the more closing line value that bettor gets,  the more tokens they mine, adding ROI to their normal bankroll in return for data provision.

Step 1. set deflationary rewards

Bettors mine the token by betting with $KDAb but the rewards themselves, which are emitted to each market, are decreasing over time, making the token harder to acquire over time.

Step 2. Bettors Mine the Token by betting

Unilke SX, Aver or BetDexLabs, we uniquely emit tokens to those bettors that make the line more efficient. Bettors who provide liquidity and get closing line value (CLV) earn the most.

Step 3. Network Growth = Scarcity

As the network grows and more bettors duke it out for emissions, the token gets harder to mine and create a natural scarcity effect for bettors who compete for mining rewards.

Step 4. Bet EArly, Bet Often, Bet More

With increasing adoption, bettors have to bet more and bet as early as possible to get more CLV. This ensures markets are more capitalized over time and rewards sharp data.

Step 5. On CHain Data increases value

On-Chain data growth, better sporting data, machine learning techniques and decreasing edges all contribute to edges becoming harder to find over time. This intrinsically natural deflation to the ability for the network to hold onto edges helps mined tokens become more valuable over time.

Step 6. Saturation + NEtwork effects

Token value reaches terminal point when natural saturation of all betting markets is reached (1m+ uniques users). However we push it even further with native web3 plays like NFT's, digital assets and metaverse to increase customer value and create sticky, fun and exciting engagement to keep users happy!



  • The KDABet token, $KDAb, is designed to distribute widely to the bettors.   The token is a fixed supply of 100,000,000 tokens and deflates over time according to an exponential decay to promote scarcity over time. 
  • The token mining emissions are governed by the community who get to decide, via vote once a month, on the emission parameters described in the white paper.
  • The mining horizon is set for a 10 year period before network saturation.
  • Team tokens are set to a 3 year linear vesting over 12 quarters to promote token price stability.   


Ethics & Token Sustainability

Community First & Shared Governance

The KDABet foundation puts the power of growth and token mining distribution in the hands of the community. The foundation will always approach all of our work with community, total transparency and integrity in mind, even when things get tough. Every month the token holders will vote on how token emissions get distributed to sustain the network and maximize token price. Optimized adoption means a better token price for all and provably fair outcomes for our network.

Long Term Network Integrity

Our tokenomics structure, token sale constraints and mining dynamics strive to preserve the token price for bettors and protects our community from large stakeholders who might have different incentives than the betting community.

Winner’s Welcome & Inclusivity

At traditional sportsbooks, the trading teams profile and exclude winning bettors because they conflict with shareholders' incentives. At KDABet, our ecosystem supports winning customers. That makes our offer extremely attractive to an excluded sub-section of the market. These high turnover users support the ecosystem by making markets and providing large pools of liquidity. The KDABet foundation is committed to full inclusion with a winner's welcome attitude that strives to serve all parties in a provably fair manner.


Web3 encompasses the hopes and dreams of people who want to escape the centralized world. GM, or "good morning" is the rallying call of cryptocurrency denizens who want to wake up to a world that is happy, vibrant and filled with positivity. This is the Kadena way and every day we strive to do better and deliver A-Tier wagering experiences for the Kadena community.

Commitment to Regulation

The KDAbet foundation is committed to operating in compliance with all relevant gaming laws, and will only be available to customers in jurisdictions where it holds licenses to offer its services.

100+ Years sports betting experience at scale.

Duncan McIntyre

Partner, Operations

Duncan is an entrepreneurial tech executive with a proven track record of scaling companies, fundraising, & solving complex legal issues. Duncan currently serves as President and CEO of Lion Gaming Group Inc., a gaming software development company with a focus on bleeding-edge technologies. Previously, Duncan was a founder of FansUnite, serving as its COO and a Director through public listing. Duncan also played a pivotal role at Victory Square Technologies, with the number of portfolio companies growing from 2 to 21and the market cap from approximately $20M to $220M while he was involved. Duncan has also been extensively involved in multiple global M&A transactions.

Martin Bailey

PArtner, TEchnology 

Martin is an expert in the field of software architecture and scalable computing. He’s an experienced business executive in charge of our technology strategy. Martin is best known as the developer of high-performance software for Avigilon Inc’s world class camera surveillance system which led to an IPO, a billion dollar acquisition in 2018 and massive deployment of smart cameras in stadiums and casinos around the globe. He exited his 2nd startup Karma Insurance in 2020 and now advises strategic clients and operates sports analytics models at scale as a founder at Highwater Technologies Inc.

Joey Fortuna

Head Trader

Joey is a well known and respected sports bettor in the industry for over 20 years and recognized globally for his knowledge in trading sports. He has grown the premiere brokerage in America, handling tens of millions of dollars per year in volume and spanning 12 different sporting fields. He has been featured on 4 major television networks including ESPN and The Ringer. Joey has lent his knowledge in at-scale betting to multiple start ups generating hundreds of millions of dollars in volume and shares his techniques on various podcasts across the betting industry. He has a plethora of executive connections in every major sports-book and acts as the liaison for our foundation in sales, business and accounts as well as head of Trading/VP risk.

Stephen Rothwell

PArtner, Data Science

Stephen is in charge of developing the automated market makers for KDABet which ensures sustained cross market liquidity for KDABet. He is a master of machine learning and statistics as well as an accomplished computer scientist. His accomplishments include two exits and one IPO with fansunite as well as contributing toward building the world's first quantum computer with a team of 26 at D-Wave. He developed brain scanning software with NMR magnets at the University of Lethbridge. He is a respected sports bettor in the USA with over 10 years of at scale betting experience in 4 different sports. He spearheads the PACT programming at the KDABet foundation and market making at Highwater Capital.

Sam Bradbury


Sam is a finance and marketing expert with many years of experience in mining and trading cryptocurrency.  Sam founded BBGames, a successful casino technology company which has published several high profile slot games in aggregators and online casinos and is a master of gamification and the brain-display interaction with game interfaces. Using his deep knowledge of gaming technology and cryptocurrency , Sam heads up our communications and social division at KDAbet.


FOundation ADvisory Board 

Jesse Learmonth

UX/Product Veteran 

Jesse is a highly experienced sports betting product leader and operator in the industry. Jesse is best known for his time as the Director of Product Management at the world's largest bookmaker, Pinnacle Sports. Over a 6 year tenure working from the company’s global head office in Curacao, he led the teams that completely overhauled the sportsbook product experience into a modern UX that serves players in 100+ countries. Previous to that, he co-founded Bet Smart Media, which developed software and applications for over two dozen tier-1 sports betting brands. Bet Smart Media was acquired by Pinnacle in 2015. Having built many applications for the biggest brands in the space, Jesse has a deep industry network across the globe and will lend his expertise to help shape the product experience for KDAbet. Jesse currently hosts the popular sports betting podcast “Betting Startups Podcast”, which interviews founders of the most promising betting industry startups.

James McLoughlin

At Scale Marketing Veteran 

James is a highly experienced sports betting marketing executive who has worked for Betfair, Sportsbet, William Hill and Ladbrokes (Entain) across his 15-year career. As Head of Growth at Betfair, the world’s largest betting exchange, James was responsible for the acquisition, retention and reactivation of tens of thousands of players. His team managed the entire marketing function and the role also meant developing close relationships with some of the largest customers and syndicates in global gaming. James’ network and experiences will be invaluable as KDABet blossoms

The Journey to a Global Exchange

Project RoadMap

ROADMAP features {Click Image}

From ideation to implementation

Following the Kadena Research recommendation we feature a fixed supply mint with a responsible path forward including a focus on betting regulations, acceptance from the Kadena Ecosystem and integration with established launchpads to ensure a seamless community experience.

Built on Erlang

Building a secure exchange with 21 major sports and AMM's for each sport is an extremely complex and difficult piece of living software and we use Erlang to deliver a highly concurrent and fault tolerant experience that never crashes.

Responsible time frame

Crypto is riddled with promises and missed deadlines. We present a responsible time frame of 1 year to deliver a complex software and UX to the end user that can rival global competitors and deliver value to the token. Without amazing UX and clear, well thought out architecture, the token value would collapse and so we commit to responsibility and integrity in the rollout with frequent communication to our community.

KAdena Kings

NFTs for bettors

Community Value

Kings Shall Rise

Kadena Kings is our unique project that mints upgradeable NFT's for our original token investors who part with their hard earned KDA to mint the first round of KDAb.

A Kadena King will earn rewards on their Marmalade NFT as they bet and upgrade their assets, unlocking lavish benefits like:

  • Occasional free rolls
  • Odds boosts
  • Raffles for trips, events, courtside seats
  • Additional rare art to add to their avatar
  • Passive income by taxing bets.

We got the Kweens of betting covered too! As your betting journey progresses, upgrade your avatar with special art rewards to display your regal nature to the community of bettors.

Also own a MOK? Perhaps a Kong or a KittyKat? We will work with your kingdoms to ensure that benefits flow to the royalty of the Kadena ecosystem.




**Sold Out!**  Rewarding the KDA community

For  bettors who support us early, we have a special surprise in store for you when we launch our IDO.  The Kadena Kings PRE-IDO mint is now completely sold out. To the first 500, congratulations!

The only way to get a Kadena King NFT now is to take part in the upcoming Launchpad IDO coming in late August, only 2500 more will ever be minted.