KDAbet is a pure, decentralized sportsbook.

KDAbet is an experimental U.S sports and E-sports entertainment platform running on the Kadena L1 network.

The KDAbet platform is the first prediction market of its kind, where the operation has no owners, board of directors, company structure or token. The automated bookmaking system is overseen only via a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that collectivizes its progression over time via a fair vote.

Strict DAO based management.

The DAO is run by the community of NFT holders whose hash unlocks part of a open and observable smart contract in order to benefit from stewardship of the operation's profitability

As the network increases in size, so does its decentralization and the distribution of its rewards via the generation of more NFTs by the Kadena King NFT. Unlike traditional bookmaking and recent attempts to make web3 style prediction markets, We as a community optimize this system to maximize growth and decentralization of the network while minimizing costs to the end consumer.

KDAbet is completely open source and has no ownership. Our Network is our strength.


Stephen Rothwell

Sam Bradbury